Success Story

Penn State, RJ Lee Group announce new collaboration

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State and RJ Lee Group signed a memorandum of understanding Aug. 17 at the Penn State Hotel and Conference Center to expand and strengthen their long-term collaboration in areas that have historically included materials and transportation.

RJ Lee Group, a leading industrial forensics analytical laboratory headquartered in Pittsburgh, will open a laboratory at 310 Innovation Boulevard in Innovation Park. Still under development, the 310 building is slated for completion in November 2017, and RJ Lee Group expects to open its 2,700-square-foot facility in December 2017.

“Recently, we made the decision to open a new facility in Innovation Park at Penn State as we look to team with local industry, as well as with Penn State,” said Richard Lee, founder and president of RJ Lee Group.

“We are very excited to sign this memorandum of understanding with Penn State and firmly believe it will lead to numerous opportunities for increased collaboration in materials, transportation, information sciences, life sciences, agriculture, energy and advanced additive manufacturing."

Richard Lee
Founder and President of RJ Lee Group

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