Sponsored Research

Engaging in industry sponsored research can advance your research more quickly and move it toward the marketplace with a meaningful application in place.

The Process

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Build relationships with industry that lead to sponsored research and long-term partnerships.

  • Conferences and Networking: Many of these relationships start via meetings at conferences where industry often participates to learn about the latest advances in their field of interest. 
  • The Innovation Gateway: At Penn State we have a web platform to help you connect to industry.  You can go directly to the Innovation Gateway and search for open industry challenges 
  • Industry Partner List: On the Innovation Gateway you can also review the list of industry partners that Penn State has worked with in the past.  If you identify one you think may have an interest in your research the Office of Industrial Partnerships (OIP) can get you connected.
  • The OIP Concierge. A member of the staff will help you to find and connect to a company that may be interested in your research.  Call 814-867-6328.

Make the Right Plan with the Right Information

Many partnerships require the company to disclose confidential information to help develop a project plan and Statement of Work. Other times, you may want to disclose confidential information about your research. This information cannot be shared without proper contractual agreement. You need a a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the company. 

We do this all the time and it is a straight-forward process.

  1. Understand NDAs
    1. Review the Faculty Guide to NDAs
    2. NDAs defined
    3. More information on NDAs can be found by watching this brief Video
  2. Submit a request for an NDA to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
    1. Here is the link to submit a request for an NDA to the Office 
  3. OSP negotiators will work with you and directly with the company to put the agreement in place.
  4. Contact your College Associate Dean for Research or Department head as appropriate to let them know about your engagement with industry.

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Included in this proposal will be a:

  • Statement of work
  • Schedule and budget
  • Overview of personnel and facilities.

Work with your college and The Office of Sponsored Programs as necessary to put this proposal together following the same process you would for any other proposal.

In order to receive the funding and execute the project there needs to be a contract in place between Penn State and the sponsor company. The sponsored research agreement (SRA) defines the contractual terms of the research project and how each piece will be handled:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Publication rights
  • Confidentiality
  • Warranty/liability, as well as other items.

An OSP negotiator will be assigned to your SRA and will negotiate with the industry assigned negotiator. 

Get started and move your research forward.

Get started and move your research forward.

Get Started

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