Penn State, Imerys Announce Research Collaboration to Develop New Technologies

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September 20 2018
Penn State startup Trimatis converting plastic waste into 3D printer filament

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, as it’s more formally known, has enabled innovations in manufacturing and production. However, it’s also contributing to the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste that’s been generated since 1950. Penn State startup Trimatis LLC believes it can help combat this problem by converting plastic waste into 3D printing filament.

September 20 2018
Lyralux lights the way for its Dim to Vivid commercial lighting technology

Have you ever noticed that colors start to fade and blend together at lower light levels? Due to how our eyes process color, the dimmer the light source, the less vivid a color appears. This can be a particular challenge for people trying to distinguish colors in low lighting environments like museums and restaurants. Fortunately, Penn State Professor of Architectural Engineering Kevin Houser has developed a technology at Penn State and formed a startup, called Lyralux, to solve this problem.

September 19 2018
2017-18 NSF I-Corps invent teams selected

Twelve entrepreneurial teams from Penn State have been selected to participate in the National Science Foundation I-Corps program.

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