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License Penn State Sponsored Research IP

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The Principal Investigator (PI) prepares an invention disclosure to identify and describe the intellectual property developed and to identify the researchers who contributed to the development of the intellectual property. If a patent application is filed in the future, a patent attorney will determine if these researchers are also inventors.


The PI forwards the invention disclosure to his/her College Research office for the College’s records.


The College Research Office forwards the Invention Disclosure to the Office of Technology Management where it is assigned to a Technology Licensing Offer.


The Technology Licensing Officer/Office of Technology Management forwards the Invention Disclosure to the Sponsor and inquires if the Sponsor wants to take ownership of the intellectual property identified in the Invention Disclosure.


If the Sponsor decides to take ownership of the intellectual property in the Invention Disclosure, a standard Assignment Agreement developed specifically for this purpose is executed on behalf of The Penn State Research Foundation and forwarded to the Sponsor.

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