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The Road to Protect IP and/or Commercialization

Since the process is complex and can differ for every new idea, the steps below are a guide and do not necessarily reflect a linear process

Research: An invention is any useful process, machine, composition of matter, or new/useful development of the same. Multiple researchers can be involved in this process.

Pre Disclosure: contact Office of Technology management at 814-865-6277 to discuss your invention. They will be able to guide you on disclosure, evaluation, and protection processes.

Invention Disclosure: this confidential, written notice to OTM begins the formal transfer process.

Assessment: your Technology Licensing Officer reviews the disclosure and conducts patent searches where applicable. This stage is where we help you develop a strategy going forward.

Protection: Based on the direction your invention is taking, we will help you apply for necessary legal protections whether by patenting processes or other.

Marketing to find or form a licensee: Finding candidate companies that have expertise, resources, and business networks to bring the technology to market. 1) Existing Business: Partner with an existing business. 2) Form Startup Business: OTM provides assistance to founders in planning, creating, and finding funding and tapping into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Licensing: Used with both a new startup or existing business. Your idea remains yours and the licensing enables someone else to use your idea in a legal agreement.

Commercialization: The licensee company continues the development and marketing of the technology.

Revenue: Received and distributed to inventors, the administrative units, and the Penn State Research Foundation.

See the detailed steps with our Inventor’s Guide.

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